SunLite Glass Co. has provided classic windshields (AGP Brand) in the United States and Canada since 2000, and SunLite's top management has worked with AGP Industries for 35+ years. We are very confident that we can provide an exc​ellent quality product at a competitive price. Contact our sales office at (614) 570-6477 or e-mail for all inquiries.

Foreign  Windshields - . We offer some of the oldest Foreign  windshields still needed in the industry starting with FW006.

Domestic  Windshields - We can provide some of the largest windshields in the industry. We offer some of the oldest DW's still needed in the industry starting with DW045.

Tempered  Automotive  Glass - We can provide some of the most difficult tempered automotive glass parts in the industry. We can also tool for any part, as long as the volume warrants. For tooling there is a 100 piece minimum. For parts already existing in the population, there is a 20 piece minimum per part. 

The AGP program is for full container orders only, i.e., approximately 420 windshields which can be a combination of FW's, DW's and tempered parts.  We will tool any part required. For part availability and pricing, please contact our Sales Office at (614) 570-6477.

SunLite Glass Co. has provided both domestic and foreign convertible backlite glass since 2000. Part and price lists are available through our sales office. If there is a part you want
that we don't carry, we can tool the part (compound or cylindrical bend) with a minimum initial order of 100 pieces. Contact our Sales Office at (614) 570-6477, or  e-mail for all
​inquiries or orders.


Convertible Backlite Glass can be purchased heated or unheated. All heated convertible backlite glass comes with clips/leads attached. The product is packaged in corrugated cases. Cases contain approximately 25 or 50 lites per case.


Your order will be shipped same day if received by 11:00 EST. All orders are shipped collect unless local to our warehouse in Melville, NY, in which case, other shipping arrangements can be made.



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Sun​Lite Glass Co. can supply other specialty laminated or tempered glass (cylindrical or compound bend) orders upon request.  Please advise specifications and​ we will quote your ​order promptly.





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